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DEF Fluid Bulk Diesel SCR Adblue Supplies  


Maritime Urea / AUS40


Maritime Urea is a 40% urea solution used with NOx abatement technology, mainly Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). At Kalsul, we blend ISO-18611 standard Maritime Urea to service our customers vessel fleets and keep them compliant. Maritime Urea  is produced at all of our sites and stored at strategic ports to cater for last-minute requirements. 


AdUrea / AUS32


AdUrea is a 32.5% urea solution that is widely used in the automotive industry with SCR technology to reduce NOx emissions from diesel engined vehicles. Current legislation requires most transport operators to use AdUrea throughout USA  Africa & Europe, the US and internationally. AdUrea or AUS32 can also be used with marine SCR units in the same way as Maritime Urea  / AUS40. Some vessels have their SCR's calibrated to run on AUS32 to ensure compliance with ISO-22241 standard for AdUrea. Since the implementation of ISO-18611 for Maritime Urea, many vessels have switched in order to achieve higher levels of NOx abatement.


Caustic Soda / 50% Sodium Hydroxide / NaOH


A 50% Sodium Hydroxide Solution is used with SOx Abatement technology, mainly Scrubber Systems that are located in the exhaust. By spraying a Caustic Soda solution, mixed with fresh water onto the exhaust gas, up to 97% of SOx emissions can be reduced. Kalsul is able to supply vessels operating in ECA's with Caustic soda solution to keep them compliant.

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